When playing "go" chess the idea is to draw your opponent into a long term strategy which culminates in victory after many moves. During the game your opponent often does not realise that the strategy is building towards capture at the distant edge of the board. In consulting TALC will create a long term strategy for the client that builds slowly over time. There is no set-piece action, no sudden and quick intervention. Each move is crafted with the client. Every step leads towards the goal.

Consulting is of two kinds  - "off-the-shelf" solutions to known problems; or the crafting of customised strategies to deal with complex issues. The first approach is to adapt a known analytical framework to a real world problem. The alternative approach is to articulate the problem and then seek the right tools for the job. Both are valid as consulting techniques.

TALC does not do off-the-shelf consulting assignments. There are many mainstream consultants who are very good at designing and delivering such solutions. These include the development of training packages, business process re-engineering, HR systems analysis and more. TALC prefers to tackle "wicked problems". These are problems where there is little or no agreement on the right questions to be addressed, much less the right answers. They are invaribly issues around new forms of work organisation, new business models, seemingly intractable situations where there is no obvious engineering or HR solution. They tend to be issues that are vaguely defined, problematic, long standing and complicated.These are the kind of consulting assignments that TALC seeks and enjoys.

TALC has been in the business of wicked problems for over a decade, and continues to work with industry to identify and tackle such problems - workplace leadership, organisation change, industrial relations, management education and strategy planning. Based on collaboration, empowerment and innovation in all things.



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  • TALC is not-for-profit think tank and research group based in Australia. We specialise in "wicked" policy and business problems and workplace mediation. read more

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