Industrial mediation is a specialised area of work. It involves engagement with stakeholders to resolve group conflicts, assist in negotiation of industrial agreements at the enterprise level, and generally facilitate changes in organisation and conditions for employees, managers and senior executives. It can include mentoring and coaching for individuals if needed. The intention is to assist clients to find their own solutions to difficult negotiations in the workplace. To open up new avenues for discussion, and eventual agreement. Based on collaboration, empowerment and innovation in all things.

Perhaps the best role for industrial mediation is when Enterprise Agreements are due for re-negotiation. These agreements can take many months to resolve, and often the presence of a mediator who can work between the parties can accelerate a sucessful outcome.

TALC has many years of experience in this area. Professor Daryll Hull PhD FAICD FCILT has been a successful mediator since the mid 1980s and in the 1990s and 2000s he was invited to facilitate enterprise agreements in the public and private sectors across Australia. He has also recently been a mentor to senior private sector managers, trade union officials, and public service employees. He is very familiar with industrial relations having worked in the field for many years in various industries including manufacturing, transport, government and academe.




Mediation requires careful and slow movement of actions and people. Positions are fixed and often "locked in". Unlocking such positions is slow and challenging, and needs an atmosphere of mutual respect and a minimal level of trust before movement can begin to occur. TALC's role is to design strategies to create movement, one step at a time. The delivery process is always remains in the hands of the client. Like "go" chess the idea is to build a strategy, and implement it over a longer period.

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