Research implies more than a gathering of data and the presentation of a report. It is making sense out of the situation for the client. TALC undertakes research on behalf of clients and stakeholders to assist them to better understand the environment in which they live and work. We look for patterns in the issues, and seek "weak signals" that often contain the real story. Blindingly obvious conclusions we present via a narrative around the data we collect. That is the easy part. Understanding in depth usually requires a series of conversations with the client to ensure that they have the opportunity to explore the research findings, draw their own conclusions and inform their decisions. Based on collaboration, empowerment and innovation in all things.

TALC utilises various tools and methods to gather information and intelligence for our clients. We have access to international academic and applied databases through our close connections with universities and on-line libraries. We can mobilise research associates on short notice. Our extensive network of partnerships with other research groups means that we can draw on their expertise as needed. We have such relationships in areas of business economics, strategic planning, industrial relations, legal matters, and more. Our view is that collaboration amongst various experts and the client is essential to gain a full appreciation of the topic - no one person or group can do it all by themselves.

"Go" chess is all about pattern recognition. Looking for and finding long term trends based on simple movements and activities. The game is won or lost via the interpretation of each move. Sometimes the obvious moves conceal a deeper strategy. Sometimes they don't. Knowing what move is important in the long term is the key to success.

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  • TALC is not-for-profit think tank and research group based in Australia. We specialise in "wicked" policy and business problems and workplace mediation. read more

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